Surf Weekend

July 25, 2014

Live Music Show - Surf Rock

Completely amazing collection of the best Surf Rock hits! All killer stuff with AMAZING footage!

Collection - Beach Party!

"Sometimes we get suburned, but sometimes we get taffy!"

Doc - Peaking: A Big Wave Surfer's Perspective (2013)

Peter Mel, Jamie Sterling, Carlos Burle, Ramon Navarro star in this grat Red Bull series profiling big wave surfers prepping for "major swell events"

July 26, 2014

Movie - Zen and Zero (2006)

5 Aussies drive from LA to Costa Rica on a roadtrip that philisophically investigates the myth of the surfer dude.

Collection - Surf Cartoons

Surf cartoons of all types, from DIY to Disney - even Pingu gets in on the action!

Collection - First Person Surfing

Amazing first person (Go Pro) camera footage of great surfers catching amazing waves

Bikini Open 6 : The Great American Body Search

"The Bikini Open 6 has travelled throughout the country to bring the hottest bikini bodies. It features 5 women's bikini contests and 3 men's contests."

Collection - 36 hours with The Assoc. of Surfing Pros

Epic collection featuring many full-length pro men's and women's surfing competitions

Doc - Surfing Hollow Days (1961)

Bruce Brown, director of Endless Summer, makes this behind the scenes documentary showing more of the lives of surfers

July 27, 2014

Collection - The Surf Punks!

Do you remember the gnarly sounds of The Surf Punks! They had a sound AND a flair for outlandish video stunts! PRIMO!!!

Collection - Surfer Slang

Gnarly collection of radical clips of righteous dudes and dudettes

Doc - Pororoca: Surfing The Amazon

Surfers venture to the amazon to ride a 4 meter wave that occasionally travels 13 Kilometers upriver!

Movie - Malibu Beach (1979)

This movie features a Bikini-stealing dog. ESSENTIAL VIEWING!