Design Week
Network Awesome partners with leading design website to present an entire week of video programming dedicated to design and culture that will coincide with NYCxDESIGN, New York’s first official Design Week celebration!

This five-day specially-curated event consists of over 200 videos arranged into 36 feature-length programs by Network Awesome's international team. Original programs by Cool Hunting Video are presented alongside the best documentaries, films, and video collections on design visionaries of today and noteworthy luminaries of the past.

Network Awesome offers an insightful schedule of surveys on influential designers such as Charles Eames, Milton Glaser, and Frank Gehry alongside uniquely crafted collections of videos about architecture, graphic design, industrial design and even logophobia - the fear of design!

May 13, 2013

Doc - The World Of Buckminster Fuller (1974)

"the 20th Century Leonardo da Vinci" (Marshall McLuhan) "We'll be remembered as those who lived in the age of Buckminster Fuller" (John Cage)

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Designers

Cool Hunting Video goes onsite meeting artists, designers and other innovators to get an insider look at their inspiration and process.

Design - American Look (General Motors, 1958)

The definitive Populuxe film on 1950s automotive, industrial, interior and architectural design

Design Q & A with Charles Eames

A film, made in 1972, that expresses Charles Eames' approach to the design process.

Plastic: A Supplementary Picture (1944)

A surprisingly engaging look into the world of plastic manufacturing circa the 1940s!

May 14, 2013

Cool Hunting Video Presents: The Designer as Manufacturer

Who better to make stuff than the people who design them?

Form, Design, and the City (1962)

An illustrated lecture on the philosophies behind urban planning using Philadelphia as the prime example. Informative AND engaging!

Collection - Bertone Prototype Cars

Shocking futuristic and potentially really ugly even by today's standards

Doc - Bauhaus (1975)

Great doc on the history, methods, and achievements of Bauhaus.


May 15, 2013

Art - Les Trois Inventeurs (1980) by Michel Ocelot

Paper cut-out animation full of French style

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Designer Beverages

The Cool Hunting crew enjoys a quality beverage or 3 from coffee to Gin!

Talk Show - Milton Glaser

An awesome interview with one of the greatest living graphic designers.

Collection - Arne Jacobsen

Spend some time with the beloved Danish architect and designer

Doc - Le Corbusier

Informative documentary introduces you to trailblazing and highly influential French architect/urbanist/designer/painter Le Corbusier!

May 16, 2013

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Unusual Museums

What's more cool than Museum that you never thought existed? Cool Hunting finds a few more

Saul Bass Bell System Logo Redesign Pitch Video

Interesting insider view behind the scenes of one of the biggest rebranding undertakings in history

Collection: Memphis Design

The shockingly bold work of the 80's Italian design group complete with an interview with the group's head Ettore Sottsass

Collection - Dieter Rams

The master of "Less is better" as seen in profiles new and old

Collection - Psychedelic Advertising

Tune in, turn on and... buy stuff?

The Films Of ... Ray & Charles Eames

Wonderful, playful but smart films from the couple who defined what was (and is) design. Starts up with "Powers of Ten", the most relevant video ever produced!

May 17, 2013

Collection - Logos from Hell...

Two short films that show us the dark side of logo design!

Collection - Comic Sans!

A collection of short videos about the most famous font, Comic Sans!!

Collection - Vintage Jeans Commercials

Jean advertisements are always looking good

Collection - Future Housing and Cities

Idealistic and optimistic views of future housing and cities culled from science show footage and cartoons.

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Artists

Cool Hunting Video meets a wide variety of artists to see what makes 'em tick

Doc - Future By Design: The Venus Project

Can self-educated visionary futurist Jacque Fresco restructure society?