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Rock n Roll Nightmare- a hard rockin’ battle with evil at the edge of hell

by Lindsay Long
Nov. 9, 2017

An apt title for this Canadian cult classic that will leave you scratching your head harder than banging it…

When the heavy metal band Tritonz, fronted by John Triton (‘legendary rock warrior’ Jon Mikl Thor), move in a secluded farmhouse to record new tracks, the group get more than they bargain for when evil is resurrected and culminates into an epic battle between Heaven and Hell. Filmed in Canada because “that’s where it’s happening man” the movie was partially written and produced by Vancouver native Jon Mikl Thor himself. A pioneer of muscle rock, Thor achieved success as a professional bodybuilder before fronting a heavy metal band of his own namesake throughout the seventies. A starring role in 1986’s Zombie Nightmare prompted Thor to expand beyond his musical talents and showcase more of his acting and writing skills. Alternately titled The Edge of Hell, the film was directed by John Fasano in 1987. Fasano was a fellow actor in Zombie Nightmare, a serious weapon enthusiast, and notable horror mask designer. Filmed over the course of one week on a skimpy $50,000 budget, the movie achieved a straight to video release and subsequent cult status.

Rock n Roll Nightmare certainly falls into the realm of films ‘so bad they’re good.’ Take for instance Stiggy, the Titonz drummer. He contributes a heinous fake Australian accent and never stops sportin his Wayfarers, even whilst gettin freaky with his bitchy groupie girlfriend. After a lengthy van ride and realizing the band has been lured to a desolate farmhouse by their poseur manager Phil, she freaks out about the less than groovy surroundings and offers up one of the film’s best quotes with “Stiggy, why didn’t you become a coke dealer or something more sensible?” Clearly into the drugs and sex aspect of rock n roll, she later meets her grisly fate lakeside. Also accompanying the band is an annoying newlywed couple who claim to rather be nowhere else on their honeymoon besides with the Titonz. The feelings will soon change as an assortment of bizarre little beasts including puppets and demonic children in basements wreak havoc on them all. The blistering score written by Thor will become imbedded unwillingly in your head and Live to Rock you shall. In addition viewers are assaulted with awkward sex scenes from practically everyone except John and his ol’ lady Robin. They only embrace during a steamy shower scene before she later is used as a vessel for Satan himself. Left alone to face this final showdown with the devil is John Triton. He accepts the challenge and in a puzzling twist, proclaims to be the Intercessor before transforming into a ripped archangel with sky high hair out to kick some wimpy demon ass. After wrestling around for way too long, Triton finally defeats the devil and says “See you again Old Scratch.” Sadly, Thor doesn’t face the forces of evil again until the 2005 release of Intercessor: Another Rock N Roll Nightmare.





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