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Jean-Jacques Perrey on his favorite music videos

by Network Awesome
March 27, 2017
Jean-Jacques Perrey is a legend. Born in 1929 (yeah, that's right he's 82 now, how rad is that?!) he invented "a new process for generating rhythms with sequences and loops" by utilising the techniques of musique concrète. Armed with scissors, splicing tape, and a tape recorder, he spent weeks piecing together a unique take on the future. Befriending Robert Moog, he became one of the first Moog synthesiser musicians creating "far out electronic entertainment". In 1965 he met Gershon Kingsley, a former colleague of John Cage, and together they created two albums for Vanguard — The In Sound From Way Out (1966) and Kaleidoscopic Vibrations (1967). 

We're overjoyed to present this special Live Music Show from an artist we deeply respect. A giant of a man, he was gracious enough to tell us a bit more about his favorite live music videos:

Edith Piaf - L'Hymne à l'amour
"Edith was a dear friend of mine. It is thanks to her that I made it to the United States in 1960 where I had planned to stay six months but ended up staying 10 years. It is in the fully equipped studio that Carroll Bratman kindly put at my disposal in New York that I created all the sounds and songs that launched my career. I’m forever grateful to Edith, and to Carroll as well."

The making of "Funky Little Spacegirl"
"I was ever so lucky to meet Dana Countryman, who became my musical partner in my later years. We recorded two CDs in his studio in Everett. An animation film was made of one of these songs. We had a lot of fun working together and still share thoughts on a regular basis."  http://www.funkylittlespacegirl.com/

A week at the Prix de Lausanne 2010
"This is a short video that summarizes what happens during the world famous ballet competition «  Prix de Lausanne  » that has been taking place in Switzerland for 40 years already. It is a very useful event for very talented young ballet dancers from all over the world, as it gives them the opportunity to try and win a scholarship to the best ballets schools in the world." www.prixdelausanne.org


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