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Intrépidos Punks: Looking for Adventure, They Worship Satan

by Lindsay Long
Feb. 22, 2018

The perilous streets of Mexico have long been notorious for brutal street gangs, and the Intrépidos Punks prove to be only one more example of such a sinister society. With police brutality, rape, and vandalism this Mexploitation hell ride wastes no time cutting to the chase. Before the spray-painted intro credits even have a chance to dry, sexy nuns wielding guns stage a bank heist. Fleeing the scene, they are met with a group of leather clad, fro-hawked bikers and take off to the sound of a sick Sweet Emotion-esque theme song. Punk isn’t just a costume it’s a way of life for these savage cretins who kill time and brain cells partying hard or terrorizing the streets on their customized cycles.

Sex, Drugs, and Violence is their religion and aptly the credo also happens to be the film’s plot. Salty from her own stint in the slammer, Fiera ( Beast) played by Amazon bombshell La Princesa Lea and donning an outfit borrowed from Wendy O. Williams, seeks revenge. With help from the gang, they kidnap the wives of police officers, in hopes of freeing her locked up boo, El Tarzan. Held captive at a gang hideout, the women are subjected to mutilation and rape in the form of aggressive fondling, all to the beat of a live band. Three Souls In My Mind who wrote and performed the title track are portrayed in this scene as members from the goon squad. In actuality, the band was a moderately successful and influential group that’s been around since the late Sixties. Gotta give props to the drummer for his severe facial hair and “no-bullshit behind the kit” demeanor. The plot works and El Tarzan escapes from jail. Debauchery ensues as the crew proves there are no limits to their depravity. Orgies, public masturbation, police shootouts, and Russian roulette are witnessed on-screen before eventually the gang is brought to a grinding halt by the cops. Not without a brutal fight, of course…but even body slams and throwing stars can’t stop them from meeting their fate.

The film’s cryptic last line may have been to foreshadow the subsequent release and follow-up, 1987’s LA VENGANZA DE LOS PUNKS. Co-written by Beto Marroquín and Ulises Pérez Aguirre, INTRÉPIDOS PUNKS was released in 1983 and directed by Francisco Guerrero. Although, IMDB lists the year of release as 1980, it’s extremely hard to believe this flick predated ROAD WARRIOR. One look at the bedazzled mask of El Tarzan, played by real lucha libre star El Fantasma, channels Humongous if he had a disco phase. This low budget gem also received a rare English subtitled release under the awesome title FEARLESS BITCHES. Deserving some real credit here are the make up artist and costume designer for the heavy metal bondage attire and perfectly coifed candy colored hair. Pretty sure most of the budget was blown on studs. But as the song suggests “With their leather outfits, the color of the night and their punk hairdos, causing murder and mayhem.” So whether you’re into bike gangs, gratuitous boob nuzzling, bogus party scenes, punk rock, Satan worshipping, or S&M, there is something to love for everyone packed into this ninety minutes of tasteless absurdity!

Fantagraphics Books (2010) DESTROY ALL MOVIES Carlson, Zack + Connolly, Bryan pg. 181


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